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Your Role

“Documentary film makers often have to accept their limits as far as trying to effect lasting change in a world where news and priorities change based on daily media exposure and cycles. For any related campaign to be effective would need involvement of an NGO with the relevant capacity and experience to carry the message further. Approaches have been made to relevant parties but we would welcome any indication of interest or any reader of this webpage with suggestions for such a partnership. We would be happy to contribute a wide range of imagery, documents  and research findings and agree to follow up on any claims as part of a third party independent audit.

"What the public can do"


If you are traveling to Asia over the coming months and plan on visiting a safari park or wildlife "sanctuary" that advertises a petting facility then we would more than welcome your feedback. Take photographs with your tablet or smart phone and send them in to us if you see any behaviour by the animals you don't think is natural, or if you see any members of staff mistreating the animals.

We can then investigate your reports, expose any malpractice that is taking place within the animal entertainment industry and pass on any findings to the relevant national enforcement body. 

If you are able to chat with a member of staff, try asking these questions:

How long have you been open?

How many tigers do you have here?

How many babies are you breeding each year?

If you haven been open X years and breeding Y babies per year, why do you only have this number of babies?

What happens to the tigers once they are too big and dangerous to handle?

We would love to know the answers to these and anyother questions from as many safari parks and petting zoos as possible. You can help us begin to build a picture of the population flow of tigers in and out of parks and help establish exactly how many tigers are being bred in captivity purely for our entertainment. Please send the answers to your questions to

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