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The Team

Karl Ammann

Karl has lived in East Africa for 40 years. He’s the author of a range of books, an award winning photographer and documentary film producer.


His main objective with initiating and directing films like the Tiger Mafia is to remove the excuse, “but I did not know“ – especially from policy makers. The challenge is not the filming but finding platforms to broadcast this genre of production. Selling ‘feel good conservation tales’ is a lot easier than documentaries calling a spade a spade.

Phil Hattingh

Phillip quit is career as a feature film editor and turned to cutting natural history documentaries for blue chip broadcasters internationally.


"while natural history television, entertains and informs it does little to  address the issues around rampant wildlife trafficking and the threat to bio diversity" he says, so he turned to producing wildlife crime investigative programming. He believes that through a "name and shame" expose of the countries, conservation authorities and NGO's who choose not to prosecute wildlife crime, change can be affected.

Nick Cockayne

After managing a primate sanctuary in West Africa Nick returned to the UK to promote and communicate global conservation issues, firstly in the zoo world before moving on to broadcast media and finally worked for a nature NGO editing online educational wildlife videos.


In 2012 Nick moved back to Africa and began assisting Karl with The Tiger Mafia project.


He researches the documentary subject matter and believes passionately that everyone should face up to exactly how we are destroying the natural world.

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